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The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

My Home Vitality goes in search of the easiest solutions, in every aspect of health - mental, physical and spiritual - regardless of fitness level. 

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May 19, 2018

This week’s show is all about exercise!

Shaun as Gaz talk about the difference between training and activity.

Steve Maxwell, Tom Furman, Pavel Tsatsouline and Tim ferriss all get a mention.

They also discuss the mind-muscle connection, over-training, strength, mobility and plenty more!


Part one intro [00.00]

Minimal training and minimalism. The difference between training and exercise [00.49]

Steve Maxwell on training protocols, training to be a better human and Systema [02.11]

Steve Maxwell on London Real, central nervous system app and testing resting heart rate in the morning [10.00]

Natural movement in everyday life [13.02]

Bruce Lipton, fight or flight responses affect on central nervous system and remaining calm during training with the breath [14.00]

Mind-muscle connection and meditative training using breathing techniques [16.06]

Muscles you don’t use and end of part one [18.09]

Part two, specific training, training for longevity, mobility and Tom Furman book [18.27]

The five points of exercise - strength training covering five points [21.38]

Daily movement / natural movement and Shaun’s garden [23.50]

Matt Hill - Living Systema book and how humans moved and lived [25.48]

George Herbert rescue story and being the father of the modern day obstacle course, strength training to slow the ageing process (age related sarcopenia) [26.45]

Gaz training as a gymnast, the love of training and not competing. What he gained and lost from gymnastics. Over-training in certain areas and not others [31.00]

Dr Andy Galpin and the end of part two [36.23]

Part two, training and nutrition by Andy Galpin, optimal training programmes, getting the big things right and sleep [36.42]

Tom Furman, tracking workouts and calories to get results. Tim Ferriss quote “whatever gets measured gets managed.” Supplements and workouts for the masses [39.20]

Pavel Tsatsouline, “greasing the groove” and two ways to get stronger. Being strong not big [44.47]

The wrap up, what works for you, your sport and what you enjoy coupled with strength training. Train parts of the body that you don’t normally train.

End of show [51.48]