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The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

My Home Vitality goes in search of the easiest solutions, in every aspect of health - mental, physical and spiritual - regardless of fitness level. 

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May 19, 2018

This week Shaun and Gaz talk about the friends and family feast challenge (#FFF), which you can find on

The friends and family feast challenge is all about giving back to those close to you. Being grateful, whilst improving your skills and nutritional knowledge.

Just some of the topics discussed are intermittent fasting, biofeedback and “blue zones.”

Books by Russell Brand, Ruby Wax and Jordan Peterson also get a mention.



Intro to Part One [00.00]

Friends & Family Feast Challenge (#FFF) [00.58]

Nutrition. Appreciation for close friends and family. The ego’s role in nutrition. Veganism, Keto, and Paleo diets [01.56]

Joe Rogan show with Dr Rhonda Patrick on research and Shaun growing his own food [06.27]

Paul Stamets on Joe Rogan podcasts and eating mushrooms [08.05]

Rhonda Patrick, supplement PQQ combined with CoQ10 creating Mitochondria - the benefits and stardust. Basic supplements [08.34]

Biofeedback devices now and in the future to help with supplement dose and reconnecting with the body. Constant blood sugar readings, along with artificial intelligence and Wim Hoff [12.15]

Hydration and how you feel within your own body. Supplements and training modalities filtering down to everyday life [17.47]

Vitamin D supplementation because of cloud cover. Eating well, and a varied diet. Products have to pass the friends and family test [22.05]

Article on mental health and what diet suits you and your lifestyle [24.13]

Blue Zones mention at the end of part one [25.14]

Part Two.

Blue Zones and longevity of the people living in those areas, along with community, eating well and natural movement in everyday life [25.36]

Matt Hill, Living Systema book and natural movement throughout the day. Community and what we have lost [29.38]

Russell Brand book: Recovery - Freedom From Our Addictions. Talking about community to help people with addictions and being disconnected with technology. Tim Ferriss podcast - we are going to broad when we should be going deeper and building relationships. The 12 Steps [31.28]

Ruby Wax book: Being Human, A Monk and a Neuroscientist and how the book is easy to apply in everyday life [37.20]

Gaz plugs Jordan Peterson book, AGAIN, 12 Rules For Life and Gaz’s critique [39.48]

Time restricted eating and the benefits of fasting/eating times. Shaun plugs Dr Rhonda Patrick and her science base studies [41.11]

Steve Maxwell, pushing meals back, food combining, and book by Dr John Tilden, Toxemia Explained. Auravedic medical system and their view on ridding the body of toxins [46.28]

Bodyweight Muscle with Anthony Arvanitakis and his book: All You Need Is A Pullup Bar and Gaz talks about checking your stool and urine [48.15]

Eating in a community and benefits to digestion and overall wellbeing and “mommy Cad’s chicken dinner” plug [49.51]

Food combining, Gracie diet and Tom Brady. Robbie Clarke food combining [51.27]

The Wrap Up - follow a varied diet and importance of eating in a community [54.20]

End of show [55.01]