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The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

My Home Vitality goes in search of the easiest solutions, in every aspect of health - mental, physical and spiritual - regardless of fitness level. 

Take a look at our Wheel of Wellbeing which you can find on for an idea of key health factors that MHV focuses on.

May 24, 2020

The Black Country Buddhas Podcast features an assortment of awesome conversations with the most entertaining and enlightening guests the health and wellness world has to offer, including:

  • A vegan heavyweight champion
  • World Series winner
  • A blind ultra-endurance challenge competitor
  • Ex-professional footballers

May 14, 2020

Dan Allen is a strength and conditioning coach that has worked in the health industry for 10 years and been involved in sport all his life. He works with a wide variety of clients ranging from children to older individuals with different conditions and needs. He has also worked with disabled individuals with a variety...