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The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

My Home Vitality goes in search of the easiest solutions, in every aspect of health - mental, physical and spiritual - regardless of fitness level. 

Take a look at our Wheel of Wellbeing which you can find on for an idea of key health factors that MHV focuses on.

Nov 18, 2018

Listen to The Black Country Buddhas having a bit of fun live on Instagram.

Usually the Buddhas discuss all sorts of topics in the health and wellness world; however, in this video they decide to have a bit of fun for Halloween.

Stories of myths, legends, ghosts and ghouls, this lighthearted video is bound to make you...

Nov 4, 2018

The Buddhas talk with the CEO of Dudley Mind, Sandra Vaughan, to find out what she and the organisation are doing in the Black Country, and surrounding areas, to help people improve their mental health.

The discussion includes children’s mental health, the dangers of labelling people and why some mental health...